Welcome to our website!

This is where we have information about us, our system, and alterhuman experience! We are in the progress of making this website and are a comeplete newbie to HTML but not designing. We have previously used carrd but want a more customizable platform to host our stuff like alter into's and such!

This front page is where you can access the main information about us such as our boundaries, what we're all about, and see who is fronting (if it's blank, it's not broken! we just don't know who is fronting).



Collective Name(s): Canidae Council // Tae

Collective Pronouns: They/Them

Body age: 19

Collective Theriotypes: Canines (wolves, dogs, etc), mostly wolves


We are an atrium, adaptive, DID, Extranthaeic, traumagenic system and are very fictive heavy. We do not share any triggers (positive or negative) online as we do not want them being used against us. We try to stay out of heavy syscourse and consider ourselves syscourse-unaligned. We are diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression and probably also have autism and potentially a cluster-b personality disorder. We also experience delusions/halucinations. So please bare that in mind when talking/interacting with us! Don't be afraid to tell us you're boundaries or correct us on things in fact we ENCOURAGE it!


  • Don't expect introjects to be like source
  • Please ask us questions via our Tumblr ask box if you dont understand something, we are happy to answer! If we don't want to answer, then we will delete asks and/or not respond at all :3
  • We do not believe thoughts = actions
  • we do not have a shipcourse stance, shipcourse is triggering to us. We are not a proshipper, we are not an antishipper, we are not neutralship. Do not forcefully label us as any of these, do not call us "basically a pro/anti/neutral shipper".
  • We are active in the otherkind/therian community, do no make fun of that
  • Kintypes =/= alters, some of us are otherkin and experience kinshifts though this is different from switching for us
  • If you think being otherkin/therian or a furry or identifying as transspecies automatically makes someone a zoophile do not talk to us
  • Some of us do not like human terms being used for us, respect that when applicable. It is usually the default though. (Don't know how to do this? see this video)
  • Do not post this website/screenshots of it to r/fakedisorderscringe or r/systemscringe
  • Don't forcefully involve us in ANY discourse. No one online is entiteled to our discourse stances.



Mostly just other websites that I find cool :3

add this button to your website with the following code ->
<a href="https://canidae-council.neocities.org/"><img src="https://canidae-council.neocities.org/assets/canidae%20council%20button.png"></a>